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Texas, I Was Innocent By Tony Wright, Peter Bellamy

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In an exchange of letters, from 2005 to the time of his death on October 30th, 2008, between Gregory (Tony) Wright and his UK penfriend Peter Bellamy, this book describes the life and struggle to prove Greg's innocence to the Courts of Texas and the USA. In the end, in spite of DNA evidence implicating a co-accused as the sole killer; evidence of the use of junk science by a fingerprint "expert"; written confessions by the co-accused, including a statement that Greg was not involved in or responsible for the killing of Donna Vick; and a positive polygraph test; the 5th Circuit denied Greg the opportunity of a re-trial, citing the Law of Parties as the excuse to execute him. This book shows how Greg coped with the pressures of these findings and events over the last three and a half years of his life. ... Order Book

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